Android on UDOO, BeagleBone Black and Raspberry PI

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Dear Folks,

since in the last times we are more focused on Android, and if you tried our latest 4.3 release you will actually find out that we are achieving pretty good knowledge about it, we just decided to have some more fun with it.
We were curious to compare different flavours of Android on the most famous single board computers available as of now. Take it as an experiment. We so downloaded the better performing Android Images for Rasbperry PI and BeagleBone Black (please mind that Android is not officially supported on those platforms, so what you will see here is community work) and run them side by side.

Actually we were the first to be surprised on how Android behaves on UDOO, also compared to BBB and PI.
To get the most objectivity out of our little experiment, we used Class 10 SD Cards for every platform and run few basic tasks. For those who are interested, this can be quite a good benchmark on the raw computing power and system optimization available on those systems, as of now.
So here it is this side by side shootout beetween maker’s favorite single board computers, with Android! Enjoy!

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