BETaaS: step into the Internet of Things with your UDOO

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Hi UDOOers,
these days we’re in touch with the BETaaS guys, do you remember them? In October we had to pleasure to take part at the RIOT Hackathon, during the Internet Festival – a great experience where we pleasantly met also the Face Team, TOI and Besos, who won together the UDOO-HackThings award, and Thumbelina, second winner of the “CNA-artigianato digitale e innovativo” award. It has been a three-days non-stop of coding, learning by mistakes, creating, but overall the nimble start of a collaboration with some of these teams.

Yeah, but why are we talking about this after these months?Well, that’s because the story of BETaaS is going forward!

We, on the other hand, are collaborating with them to create a full stack of IoT ready HW and SW Platform and Developer Tools. The approach BETaaS is following is quite new, and that’s why we decided to help them. In few words, the plan to overcome the M2M Babel is to build a content-centric platform distributed over a local cloud, hosted by gateways, providing an environment for apps accessing M2M services and devices through a set of services.

Here it is the first webinar about it. Don’t miss the next one on 27 January, CET Time!

For those of you who are waiting for putting their hands on, well, it will be released as an open-source software, thus be patient: your time will come! This decision has been driven by two factors:

  1. open-source is like Santa Claus, everybody loves it and BETaaS team too, and, actually, it’s the only way to benefit from a large community
  2. M2M service providers can focus on the app, without the need for working on common features. As we all know, instead, the actual M2M paradigm involves a bit of control and monitoring made by human-in-the-Machine-to-Machine-loop.

The real question is: how could we arrive at a level where IoT apps run smoothly and with a better safety-efficiency-security? We are looking forward to give you more details on this startup as soon as there are news. In the meanwhile, take a look at the webinars, and don’t make plans for the 27 January!

Finally, if you want a deeper insight of the matter, take a look at the deliverables, there you will find the answers you are looking for.

And STAY TUNED! This is just the first post of an array of news about BETaaS!

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