Come Meet Us At Maker Faire Rome 2018

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Ladies and gentleman the time has come. If you are an UDOOer and you want to see the legendary UDOO BOLT, Maker Faire Rome is the correct place.
Meet us @pavilion 8 Booth C3 from the 12th till the 14th of October, you can touch and test all our boards!
We have tons of projects you can get your hands on, games you can play, contest you can join and things you can do:

Vintage Radio
This is a link between future and past. Vintage radio is powered by Android. The core of this project is the UDOO X86 that guarantees something extra.

The Simpsons House
Our favorite Cartoon’s house is updated with various sensors controlled by UDOO NEO. Now the life for the inhabitants is more simple, Marge knows when something in kitchen is burning and Homer knows when the Duff is cold enough.

VR Headset Showcase
VR Headset offers an experience in simulated places. The reality is fake and the fiction is real, everything is mixed.

Hacked Lamp
In our lab something has fallen from the sky. It seems a lamp but is something more, maybe it’s an alien object. We will never know but we can know what’s the weather in New York!

Motor Fault
This motor is full of issues, every time the system triggers with an error message. We don’t know how but it knows what is happening to its components.

UDOO Guitar
Our guitarist is not a pro musician but thanks to our programmers he can play not only with chords but also with gestures and a wide range of pedals. When he plays the crowd go crazy!

Racing Chair
We had to test it but we’re still playing. Not for task, just for fun.

Mario v.
It doesn’t matter where or who you are.
The Force will be with you. Always..maybe

Facial Recognition
This software is the digitalization of a gipsy fortune teller. It knows your age, your mood and if your wife is cheating on you!

Survival Box
This is the main project of the World, our discoveries in this field are amazing, it’s a magic box… What? What’s inside? How should I know? I’m the copywriter, ask programmers!

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