Meet UDOO BOLT GEAR, AMD™ Ryzen Embedded powered Mini PC

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Hello UDOOers,

There’s a new kid on the block, ready to give everyone else a run for their money: it’s UDOO BOLT GEAR, AMD’s Mini PC kit. UDOO BOLT GEAR will be unveiled at the Embedded World 2020, at Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Germany, from February 25 to February 27 in SECO’s booth.

Let’s take a look.


UDOO BOLT GEAR is designed to be a home-entertainment system / smart-home enabler/gaming PC / do-it-all mini computer toolkit. The kit contains a UDOO BOLT V8 (or V3, depending on the model purchased), a Metal Case, Wi-FI and BT modules, Power Supply, an Instruction Manual, and both the EU and US cables for UDOO BOLT. 

In addition, UDOO BOLT GEAR is going to provide plenty of online resources to get you from zero to hero in no time. Precisely:

  • tons of educational videos on UDOO’s YouTube channel 
  • a get-started guide
  • and of course, the Technical Documentation

On top of this, UDOO’s YouTube channel has committed to releasing a video every other week. The kit is not for developers alone. UDOO is going to provide plenty of ideas and examples on how to use the board in ever new ways.

The board: UDOO BOLT

UDOO BOLT is a hell of a board. It is based on AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 Processor – a 4-core, 8-thread CPU that never lets you down. All this combined with an AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 or Vega 3 Graphics Processing Unit is more than enough to run a 4K 60fps video on 4 screens simultaneously. Want more? All this power consumes very little, as CPU thermal design power is just 25W.

UDOO BOLT’s power is only really matched by its flexibility. With an Arduino Leonardo-compatible microcontroller on board, plenty of GPIOs, a keyboard, and 4 video ports, there’s plenty of room for wannabe hackers that itch to get their hands dirty with the real thing.

And that’s it for today folks.

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The UDOO Team

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