Starter Kit Grove Plus & UDOO: easy making

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Hi UDOOers,

today we’re going to show you a joy of using a one great piece of kit: the seeedstudio Grove starter kit plus with UDOO. We received it from our friends of Seeedstudio back the Maker Faire Rome.

The kit is just a collection of sensors: temperature, light, sound and touch sensor + outputs: servo, Vibration motor, LED, buzzer and much more.

Everything a maker can desire plus an Arduino Shields (which is the foundation of the Grove system) that you can easily connect with UDOO. All I/O ports of the Arduino are exposed and adapted into 16 Grove connectors which include 8 digital I/O 4 Analog I/O and specialized ports (4 I2C and 1 UART).

Basically everything you need to start your projects.

Enjoy the Video.

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