UDOO BOLT: The AMD Ryzen™-based Maker Board, is LIVE on Kickstarter

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A lightning bolt has struck the world of makers – its name is UDOO BOLT.

here’s the link: bolt-blog.udoo.org

And what a blazing lightning it is!

Neither a desktop computer nor the average maker board, the UDOO BOLT is the game-changing, open-source hardware Arduino-powered maker board that is here to turn the maker world upside down and make you drool like there’s no tomorrow.

Why is that?

Let’s start with saying the UDOO BOLT comes with nothing less than the brand-new AMD “Zen” CPU architecture with the AMD “Vega” GPU architecture, two actual miracles wrapped into one amazing piece of hardware – all of which makes the UDOO BOLT almost twice as fast as the MacBook Pro 13” equipped with Intel i5. Thanks to this unbelievable combo, the UDOO BOLT stands up as the maker board with the highest CPU clock on Earth: with a top speed of 3.6 GHz and the AMD SenseMI Technology for true machine intelligence – a set of learning and adapting features for energy-efficiency that raises its power when needed – there’s no stopping it. For a shamefully low power consumption – as little as 12-25W – the UDOO BOLT makes impossible things possible, such as:

  1. handling any current AAA game – and you can add a 4 lanes-compatible external GPU for even more power.
  2. Driving up to 4 screens at the same time in 4K resolution at 60 fps.
  3. Client-side 3D rendering with heavy software.
  4. Combo custom controller via keyboard scan.
  5. AI, VR, AR, Computer Vision, Big Data – and whatever else you are up to, the UDOO BOLT is waiting for you.

Yet it’s not all about power, but flexibility as well, in terms of operating systems, storage and peripherals. First and foremost, this beauty runs Windows and Linux with no hiccups. Storage-wise it got you covered with a built-in 32GB eMMC, M2 SSD, USB 3.1, LAN, SATA and M.2 NVMe: it’s the whole world in here. And speaking of peripherals, there’s a ton of IOs to access both the Arduino platform as well as the processor. Being Arduino-compatible – precisely, we’re talking about an Arduino™ Leonardo-compatible microcontroller, based on ATmega32U4 – the record-breaking UDOO BOLT works perfectly fine with all the projects, sketches, tutorials and resources for Arduino Leonardo – and, of course, full compatibility with the Arduino™ IDE is granted as well.

How much for such a wonder?

The starting price is $229 for the Early Bird.

But hurry up! Since it’s already flying off the Kickstarter’ shelves you may not find the Early Birds available if you don’t rush to the campaign.

That is to say: go catch the lightning while there’s time!

Huh, one more thing: tell your friends! There going to be a slew of surprises during the campaign!

Link: bolt-blog.udoo.org

Cheers and welcome to the revolution

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