UDOO X86 available for direct purchase

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The UDOO team is pleased to announce that the UDOO X86 family of maker boards are now available to purchase directly from their shop, after successfully shipping over five-thousand boards. The crowdfunded open-spec board, combining the computational power of a Quad-Core 64-bit Intel® microprocessor, and the flexibility of the famous Arduino prototyping platform, in using a Intel® Curie™ Arduino™ 101-compatible microcontroller to connect to the physical world.

This year’s ‘Hacker Board Survey’ undertaken by Linux.com and LinuxGizmos, revealed much greater interest in x86-based boards, with the UDOO X86 already achieving the top position in this segment.

By utilising the x86 ecosystem, the board is capable of running Windows, Android and Linux, including Ubuntu 17.04, and the recently released Debian 9 “Stretch”. Combining this with the extensive board documentation, schematics, and a large supportive community—Users can quickly get started on their applications and projects.

The application scenarios for UDOO X86 vary from pure multimedia, allowing for example to create a Kodi media system, to desktop replacement and workstation purposes, or even as a game-streaming machine and retrogaming, for example, Retropie.

With an onboard Arduino UNO pin compatible header, the shield options are endless, providing the user with an easy to follow approach of adding features, from a motor shield to an Arduino Touchscreen.

The board contains an integrated Intel GPU able to drive up to three 4K screens at the same time, supporting DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.4, and OpenCL 2.0, with hardware decoding of HEVC Main, and H.264 videos.

It can also boot from everywhere and gives freedom of expansion and storage, with several options like SATA, SSD, Micro SD, and embedded eMMC. The microcontroller is capable of powering on and off the board.

UDOO X86 comes in four models – Basic, Advanced, Advanced Plus and Ultra – all based on the Intel x86 64-bit Quad Core Braswell range of processors.
UDOO X86 Basic, with 2 GB of RAM, costs $125, while the most powerful variant, UDOO X86 ULTRA, based on an Intel Pentium N3710 with 8 GB of RAM and up to 2.56 GHz CPU, is $267.

Order the UDOO X86 now! https://shop.udoo.org/x86.html

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