UDOO Neo features a Serial Debug Console available on the external pinout which is very useful to have a complete debug console starting from the boot process.

Connecting via serial will practically result in a shell console, the same as the one you’ll obtain through SSH connection http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Shell.

You can find a useful accessory in the UDOO shop to easy exploit the Serial Debug Console of UDOO Neo: the USB-to-TTL/Serial Debug Module for UDOO NEO.

The Serial Debug Console is available through UART 1 over the external pinout header J7 on two pins, 46 and 47 (PCB names). You can find more info useful to locate the pins in the UART Serial Ports section.

If you haven't the official UDOO NEO accessory module you can use a any other standard USB-to-TTL/Serial dongle available in the market.

Connecting via Serial

Choose the OS you use.

Connecting via Serial from Windows


  • Connect the serial port of UDOO DUAL/QUAD (CN6) to your PC using the micro USB cable.

  • Power up UDOO DUAL/QUAD

  • Click Open

  • You’re in! You’ll be able to see the startup process and access to the remote shell console on UDOO DUAL/QUAD.

Connecting via Serial from Linux
  • Connect the serial port of UDOO DUAL/QUAD (CN6) to your PC using the micro USB cable.

  • Type


  • You should see this line at the end

 usb 2-2.1: cp21x converter now attached to tty

  • Install minicom:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install minicom

  • Open Minicom and configure it (only the first time) using the following command:

 sudo minicom -sw

  • Go to “Serial port setup” and edit as follow: Serial Device: /dev/ttyUSB0 (type a key) Hardware Flow Control: No (type f key) Software Flow Control: No (type g key)
  • Press exit and "Save setup as dfl"

  • Exit from Minicom

  • Let’s give proper access permissions to serial port with:

 sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSB0

  • Now we can start listening with:

 sudo minicom -w

  • Power cycle UDOO DUAL/QUAD to see the boot process and connect it to serial console shell

Connecting via Serial from Mac

  • Hit connect, and here you go!
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