2018 A year full of emotions

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Dear UDOOers

An exciting year has just ended, and this is the right time to make a recap of the 365 days just passed. 2018 has seen the growing up of the UDOO team but also technological advances and above all the increase of the UDOO community.For this reason, we would like to thank all those who believed in our products by creating projects that have enriched the Maker movement.
An example is the amazing Hexapos (Hexapi) made by Larry Watkins

“Hexapod using Inverse kinematics with a Udoo x86 brain, MQTT Remote control via Xbox controller and video streaming (3d printed legs) “ Link to source: Here

On Electromaker and Hackster you can find others awesome projects powered by our boards, links: ElectroMaker UDOO and udoo.hackster.io

The collaboration with Seeed Studio has produced the Grove Kit for UDOO Dual/QUAD, UDOO Neo and UDOO X86. This Kit helps makers, inventors and product designer in the creation of digital devices and interactive objects without soldering or jumper wires. Grove Kit opens a world of quickly pluggable modules. You can find it on Amazon or on our official online shop.
link: UDOO Grove Kit
UDOO Grove Kit

We want to remember the landing on Amazon, who has chosen to include UDOO X86 and accessories in its product range. This happened mainly thanks to your enduring support that made UDOO one of the most appreciated boards in the Makersphere and beyond.

In the annual Hacker Board Survey, undertaken by Linux.com and Linuxgizmos.com, we were elated to again be voted highly by makers and commercial users, with the UDOO X86 placing second overall, in a field of over a hundred hacker boards!

This was also the year of UDOO BOLT, thanks to 1,447 backers we quickly surpassed our funding goal and reached $635,769! For the UDOO team, the BOLT project is the most ambitious project ever, to raise the maker world to the next level, creating a supercool SBC. An amazing project brings with it a series of complications. By the way, we worked hard to transform BOLT project into something real, and now we can say it’s almost over.

How we can forget that, for UDOO, this was the fifth year, we want to share with you the clip that collects all the best moments in this long period. 5 Years of UDOO
We have tons of new projects for the New Year, but as always we need your support to grow up together.


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