Arduino IDE Serial and Float issue

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Hi UDOOers,

as many of you may already know there’s a issue with the Arduino IDE in all the soft float OSes: Linaro Ubuntu 12.04, Linaro Ubuntu 11.10.

The problem involves Strings or Floats data types that, if used, will return a COMPILE error that only exhibits at runtime. A couple of links below that explains better the issue:

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As already said above, this issue has been spotted only in soft float OSes while everything works fine in our official Debian Wheezy armHF and in all the Hard Float operating systems (here for the guide of how to install the Arduino IDE HFP for UDOO).

Here at the headquarter we’re currenty working to prepare our new official Operating System: an armHF version of Linaro Ubuntu 12.04 that will completely solve the problem!

In the meanwhile you can use the workaround suggested by our community member Lifeboat_Jim.

Stay tuned for more info about the, soon to be released, new official armHF Operating System .


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