Big Software News for all the UDOOers!

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Dear UDOOers,

here we are to announce big software improvements for all the UDOO boards – thus, for you too.
Software support is something we can improve, we know that. So today we’re taking a new path. This is just a start.

Kernel 3.14

The upcoming UDOO Neo will have the new Kernel 3.14. Freescale released the Kernel for the i.MX 6SoloX, so you guys will enjoy it as soon as the board will be in your hands. We’re porting it also for the UDOO Dual/Quad in order to have a common kernel for all the UDOO boards, but no ETA at the moment.

UDOO Initial Configuration System

This is something we’re really thrilled to announce: the UDOO (Neo, Dual, Quad: every model) will have an easy peasy initial configuration system.

Once turned On, the Neo will create an access point where you can remotely connect and configure all the initial settings. The awesome aspect is that you can have multiple Neo turned On and configure all of them in 5 minutes using your laptop, tablet or smartphone. These are the functionalities we are thinking about:

  • Manage the SSH (changing password etc);
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi you choose
  • Activate, deactivate the Virtual Network Computing (VNC);
  • Change the general settings: Language, Date, Time etc;
  • Access to the Integrated Documentation with all the resources you need to start, advance and perform any kind of projects;
  • Other cool stuff we’re about to put inside in the next months!

Official Repository

The UDOO family will also have its official repository. There you’ll find all the dedicated packages you need: from the kernel updates and the Uboot to all the config tools and UDOO-related pre-installed programs like UDOO configuration tool. The repo will also include complete, already made and easy-to-install projects, plus modules – like RTSP server – with all the basic components you need to easily re-create all the terrific stuff built by the Community.

Now unleash hell and bury us with your feedbacks.

P.S.: yesterday we hit the first stretch goal, $150K. Every backer who “buys” at least one UDOO Neo – you too if you jump on board– will get for free one snap-in connector, one external temperature sensor and more tools for debugging the redesigned board. And we are going to reveal the second stretch goal in a while, so stay tuned: greater news are coming!

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