Big update for UDOO NEO’s Cortex M4 (Arduino)

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here we are with the third announcement of today – unbelievable, isn’t it?
So, what’s new????

Board Manager for UDOO NEO’s Cortex M4 (Arduino) updated

To get the updates you just have to type in the command line

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Then you have to install the update contained in the Arduino IDE from your personal computer.
If you are programming from an external PC you have to update the Board Manager of the Arduino IDE after typing the commands in the command line.
In short time we’ll public a new image with all these updates.
But what’s new?

  • more stable upload of sketches;
  • sketches don’t freeze up;
  • PWM declaration issue is now solved
  • Deprecated M4 startup from Uboot, replaced with autostart from Linux
  • More RAM available for M4
  • Added an exit task that can be triggered by A9 to ensure a secure stop
  • Implemented CHANGE mode for interrupts, software side
  • Better exit management for SPI, I2C
  • Compatibility with mode OUTPUT declaration for PWM
  • hwtimer_mqx: improved timer stability

Happy coding!

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