Droidcon strikes back in Turin: Android awakens!

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Hi UDOOers,
The Droidcon strikes back in Turin on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th April at Auditorium Centro Congressi and we’re impatient to come and see the force of Android awakening in Italy!

Unless you lived 7 years on Mars you know for sure what Droidcon is – apropos, we could come to rescue you on Mars now!

Droidcon is an itinerant carousel of coders, hackers and makers around the Android ecosystem: from building top-notch Android SDKs to Android Auto: Roll Droid gather no moss, from Android Wear SDK to physical computing with Android and embedded solutions, these are just a few of the tidbits you’re gonna get at Droidcon.

There will be Hackathons and cool Workshops like the Augmented Reality Experience on Smart-Glasses or Prototype your mobile UX design. But overall, there will be also our amazing Workshop on Android and hacking things!

Android awakens with UDOO!

May the Force be with Android for the Droidcon Turin!

Android has seized the collective imagination as an OS for touchscreen devices. But there is an entire new world beyond your fingertips: a world of interaction with physical objects. What would you do if you could combine your Android skills with the ease of use of Arduino and start messing up with sensors, actuators and API? Imagine to control the heat system at home with the API of a weather app. If you are excited like us, you can’t miss what we prepared for you.

Our ambassadors Luca Pisani and Michelangelo Guarise on April 10, 2015, at 9 o’clock in the morning, will hold a Workshop entitled Put Android on your objects and make them alive.
Quoting our heroes, “We’ll explain we can fully exploit ADK capabilities and integrate every API into the physical world: like moving a motor when a tweet is received, turn home heating system if outside weather requires it or turn on a light with a simple voice command. We’ll cover the basics of ADK implementation and explain some minimal Arduino related Hardware wiring.

This is going to be remarkable for every Android enthusiast.

Not to mention the Hackathon, open after the curtains of the Droidcon fall: from 10:00 of Saturday 11 to the 16:00 of Sunday 12 April 2015. However, it is important to be present Saturday morning from 9:00 at the Hackathon Location to complete your registration and receive preliminary information.

You still have 2 days to apply.

There will be 5 UDOO, with Starter Kit included, to be won for the best 5 teams that will make a UDOO-based project.

So you can’t help but grab the tickets!

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