Turn your UDOO (or UDOO Neo) into an oscilloscope with VIPER

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Hi UDOOers,
as you may remember, Viper is a cross-platform development suite for high-level design of interactive objects. Just with ToiShield and Viper – and obviously UDOO or UDOO Neo – you get an easier way to start making.
Toi Shield
Toi Shield

For those of you who may have missed the post, thanks to Viper you can program with a browser-based no-installation-required development environment compatible with Mac, Linux or Windows your Arduino (regardless it is Arduino DUE or any compatible microcontroller or single board computer like Spark Photon-Core-Electron, UDOO or UDOO Neo in Python) and run it on any Arduino-compatible board. This is expecially useful if you are going to develop a solution for several ARM architectures and you just want to program once.

Today we are going to show you how to “viperize” UDOO. What does it mean? The heart of the Viper experience is the Viper Virtual Machine. Just by installing the Viper Virtual Machine on your board, the board is “viperized” and has a multithreaded real-time operating system running on it, which makes your board able to execute Python 3 scripts. Are you curious to see how it works?

Through the Viper App you’ll then easily discover all the Viper devices in your network, and control it through the interface of the Viper App. An oscilloscope is an expensive tool, which may cost even thousand of dollars, and it’s great to see it done just with UDOO + Viper + only 39 lines of Python code! Toishield is a great expansion shield for UDOO and UDOO Neo, just for all the works it does for you! And if you are moving your first steps in the Maker community Python is a simple language to start with and approach the world of microcontroller and tinkering. Thanks to UDOO, nowadays many new possibilities are open to your creative hacks and ideas, hacks and ideas you can share with the community and even crowdfund. What else are you waiting for?

If you haven’t taken a look yet at Viper, you should, these smart guys need your support and honestly, the product deserves more than a look.

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