UDOO Neo is on Kickstarter: get the $35 or $45 Early Bird NOW!

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Something truly exciting is happening right now: UDOO Neo Campaign is LIVE on Kickstarter!
NEO embodies the same Linux\Android + Arduino™ philosophy into the Wireless and IoT world. It merges the 2 distinct processors into one, featuring integrated Wi-Fi + BT 4.0 and motion sensors. All of this with less power comsumption and a starting price of 49 USD.

The campaign is live since 10 minutes, and our Early Bird offers are going like hot cakes: Early Bird UDOO Neo Basic for $35 and Early Bird UDOO Neo for $45. So hurry up! Back the project and help us spread the word: tell your friends and colleagues, blab it to everyone, confess: UDOO Neo is out! The 9th of April we blew out our second candle, and here we are, back to where it all began. So what are you waiting for? Click the link, jump on board, back the project! Tweet it on Twitter, shout it from the roof! Make UDOO Neo the single board computer of the Post-PC Era!

Back UDOO Neo on Kickstarter!

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