UDOObuntu 2 with kernel 3.14 Coming Soon

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Hi UDOOers!
Summer has come and our enthusiasm is hotter than ever.

We are very happy to announce you – wait for it – the next version of the official UDOObuntu OS for UDOO Dual, Quad and Neo. It is a matter of days, but as we’re about to release it we want you to be part of the process.

The new UDOObuntu OS is based on Ubuntu 14.04, a combination of stable and updated packages. The kernel version is 3.14. We moved from platform files to device trees, so updating to a newer version would be easier.

The desktop experience is improved as well. The latest GPU drivers enables a better 3D acceleration and we are going to provide also a 3D patched version of Chromium, allowing to use technologies like WebGL.

In the next days we will make available the first beta image, so you can report problems, tell us your wishes and become an active part of the community. We hope you get involved, we’re eager to hearing from you.
Cheers guys!

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