The powerful UDOObuntu 2 Beta is now available

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Ok folks, it’s been a while, but we worked hard and got a brand new OS off-the-shelf:
it’s UDOObuntu 2!!!

Based on Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 LTS, it comes with the latest security updates since it’s supported for the next three years!

Cool Features

  • GPU accelerated Kernel 3.14.28, from Freescale!
  • apt-get update and apt-get upgrade work fine!
  • Arduino IDE 1.6.5-r3, the latest one from Arduino!
  • Xorg 1.15, with the latest graphic driver from Freescale supporting all Vivante GPU!
  • Chromium Browser 40, WebGL enabled!
  • PHP 5.5 included by default!
  • Gstreamer works fine – just use gplay!
  • Our Debian repository with system and application custom packages – projects and applications to be included in the future

Some tips

1) regarding Boot
At the first start the image extends the partition, generates again the SSH keys, then reboots.
So do not worry if you find such behaviour on UDOO, it happens just the first time it boots.

2) regarding Arduino

If you want to program Arduino from UDOOBuntu 2, just start the Arduino IDE pre-installed. If you want to program it externally (i.e. from your PC), install Arduino IDE 1.6, add “Arduino Due” support from Board Manager and replace the bossac binary with this one

What there will be in the next beta – estimated delivery: end of August

  • Qt 5 precompiled and graphic accelerated

But now…

We Want You

We need you for three main tasks:
feedback: report any problem in the forum
help: if you’d like to volunteer and help in the development, here we are!
ideas: if you’d like something in the third beta of UDOObuntu 2, tell us! At this time we can’t define an ETA however.

Hope you appreciate guys! UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO Neo will be based on this version.

One more thing…
For those of you who have bought UDOO Neo via Kickstarter, your board is about to come: September is closer and closer every day! For everyone interested in buying UDOO Neo: in October it will be on sale. Sign up to our UDOO Neo Alert and you’ll get notified the very moment UDOO Neo hits the shelvs. But it’s not over! You can still by taking part in our UDOO Neo Twitter Contest until September 18th!



  1. marcinozog 5 years |

    Zip from SourceForge is damage.

    • Bart Koek 5 years |

      If I use image generated from the zip(ignoring the errors) I get the following (Ubuntu) error:

      -bash: /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion: Input/output error
      -bash: /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion: Input/output error

  2. Andrea Rovai 5 years |

    Thanks guys for such a fast feedback. Upload hasn’t been successfull. Ektor5 is uploading the file another time.

  3. Andrea Rovai 5 years |

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for such a fast feedback. Upload wasn’t successfull, but Ektor5 is re-uploading the file. It will be online in a while.

  4. Andrea Rovai 5 years |

    Hi guys,

    it should work now. Please, tell us if you see another bug.

  5. Apurba 5 years |

    How I can enable the camera? I want to test Webrtc in Chromium, in earlier version of ubuntu we have ubuntu prefernce and there we can click on enable camera and then udoo camera will come in chromium. One thing this OS is very fast as compare to earlier one.

    • Andrea Rovai 5 years |

      At this time there is no support for the camera yet. In the next betas we’ll support external accessories too.

      • Apurba 5 years |

        Even if for the UDOO embedded camera? One more problem, the screen resolution is coming as 640 x 480. ( sudo xrandr -q). Earlier version of the OS, resolution always comes correctly.

  6. Andrea Rovai 5 years |

    I made a file on my Drive to gather all the bugs of UDOObuntu 2. If you find a bug, please report there, here, on the dedicated topic in the forum or just email me at The file’s URL is:

    • Apurba 5 years |

      I don’t see any option to halt the booting. This is required when I need to move code to sam3x from external machine.
      Also I have observed that microphone is not working.

      • Andrea Rovai 5 years |

        You have to do it from the serial if you want to stop the booting, but if you use our kernel you won’t need to do it.

  7. kendall green 5 years |

    what size micro sd card? It would be great to have a ubuntu snap version for 4 GB cards.

  8. Apurba 5 years |

    Any timeline to fix the bug/ enhancement ?

    • Andrea Rovai 5 years |

      It will be done in future betas. A new beta is expected for the end of the month.

  9. adam mantium 5 years |

    From an earlier comment it stated that the Udoo accessories are not yet supported. Is there an eta for support of the Udoo 7in touch screen?

    • Andrea Rovai 5 years |

      UDOO accessories will surely be supported in future betas. A new beta is expected for the end of the month.

  10. Raef 5 years |

    i want to run lcd 7inch and camera modules ,udoobuntu1 have configuration modules which not be found in udoobuntu2
    what is the solutions??

    • Andrea Rovai 5 years |

      At the moment UDOO accessories aren’t supported in UDOObuntu 2. They will be in future betas – one is expected for the end of this month.

      • Andrea Rovai 5 years |

        Otherwise, if it’s extremely necessary for a scheduled project and you’re short on time, you can rely on UDOObuntu 1, where they work fine.

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