Android 6 R1 for UDOO Dual/Quad: spread the news

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Hi guys,
we are happy to tell to the lucky owners of UDOO Dual/Quad that we are today releasing an update of the Android image of our beloved iMX6 board.
What’s new in this Android 6.0.1 R1? Pretty much what you can read in the release note – a small spoiler: there’s good news for those waiting for a safe shutdown. Anyway:
– Source code updated to Android-6.0.1-_r70
– Added support for USB Bluetooth dongles
– Added Power Menu to gently shutdown/reboot the board
– SATA disks are now automatically mounted
– Security patches updated to October 2016
– Settings: fixed audio selection toast message
– Minor bug fixes

Go get it and spread the news!

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