Dear UDOOers, the survey’s countdown is soon gonna be over

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Dear UDOOers,
mid-August is passed and we can’t wait to ship UDOO Neo to Kickstarter backers. So we’re here to tell those who haven’t completed the survey yet: complete the survey! Time is running out and without all the necessary information – like the model of the adapter, for example – we cannot ship. So, it’s mandatory for those who haven’t done it, to actually do it, otherwise we won’t be able to send you the item.

The final release of UDOO Neo is in production. For those of you who have missed the Kickstarter campaign, it will be on sale in October.

Finally, we’d like to talk about UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO Neo: in case you missed it, have a look at the Downloads and you’ll find UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO Dual and UDOO Quad, both Standard and Minimal edition. And you’re probably happy to know we are making an open beta test. All of this is meant to achieve a stable and powerful UDOObuntu 2, for Neo, Dual and Quad.


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