UDOO Neo Twitter Contest & the 3 winning projects

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Dear folks,
you remember the UDOO Neo Twitter Contest, do you? It ended on September 18 and we are happy for the impressive ideas you proposed. We took a bit of time to choose the 3 winners who’ll get a UDOO Neo to make their impossible ideas possible and here we are with a final decision to reveal.
But before we’d like to give you an overview of the ideas we liked the most.

The Selection

We have followed two specific criteria to choose the winners:

  • creativity: the most daring projects are the most likely to win;
  • feasibility: we want to give the board to someone who’s really gonna make its project happen.
  • usefulness for the community: we’d like to enable UDOOers able to inspire the community and create something valuable.

So here are the winners.

The Podium

Cool! We can’t wait to see the project become real and read the whole project idea and source code on our UDOO official project collector!

This seems the perfect implementation of Neo and can be really useful for the community: we are confident this idea, once realized and shared, will help every Maker taking advantage of the embedded sensors for their own project.

We definitely want this in the office!

We kindly hope the makers of these projects are going to actually make them and release all the necessary sources to replicate their work on udoo.hackster.io! Have a nice Monday folks! And remember to buy the ticket for Maker Faire Rome, the Greatest Show and Tell on Earth!

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