UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO Neo: we got it!

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Dear folks,
after UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO Quad and for UDOO Dual, here we are to show you UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO Neo.


What follows is a demo showing the graphic accelerated GPU and the latest Arduino IDE working fine:


-GPU accelerated Kernel 3.14.28, from Freescale!
-Arduino IDE 1.6.5-r3, the latest one from Arduino!
-Xorg 1.15, with the latest graphic driver from Freescale supporting all Vivante GPU!
-Chromium Browser 40, WebGL enabled!
-PHP 5.5 included by default!
-Gstreamer works fine – just use gplay!
-Our Debian repository with system and application custom packages – projects and applications will be included in the future

A few pics for you:

UDOObuntu 2 running on UDOO Neo

UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO Neo

And since you’re probably wondering what kind of disrupting, weird application you’re going to build first, here are tons of them to tickle your imagination.

See you soon guys,

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