Big Hack: the biggest IoT hackathon in Italy, Oct 10-11: show up!

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Dear guys,
we’re here to tell you about the biggest IoT hackathon in Italy, just one week before Maker Faire Rome.

When and Where

Save this date: October 10-11. The event will start Saturday at 09:30 AM and will end on Sunday at 07:00 PM.
The event will be held in the MACRO spaces, Via Nizza 138, Rome, Italy.

What is all about?

You will be provided with food, drink and space for your sleeping bag. It will be an opportunity to hang out with cool people from the Maker universe and build up something new in 33 hours and a half of pure energy.
Promoters of the hackathon are Codemotion, AgID, Eni, Agenzia per la mobilità di Roma Capitale and Trenitalia with the brand Frecciarossa.
3 macro areas are the main topics of this hackathon.

Occupational Safety – challenge proposed by Eni

You have to minimize safety risks at work. Eni aims at reducing injures in the industrial field – especially factories, refineries and warehouses.
Examples of high risky activities to be addressed:
-lifting weights: the challenge is about how to inform rapidly the crane’s operator while other people are in the area of the maneuver.
-solitary works: the challenge is about how to inform everyone automatically whether someone gets injured and is able to inform his coworkers
-work in restrained areas: the challenge is about how to better verify that every worker is equipped with the proper safety gear and that the supervisor is in the area.

A five-days journey to MIT, Boston, USA.
The prize includes overnights (4 nights), air tickets Italy to Boston and visit to Massachussets Institute of Technology.

Mobility – challenge proposed by Frecciarossa

You have to develop an App to improve the customer experience on the train. The app should provide a complete service, with exhaustive information about the journey and access to ancillary services, eventually proposed through couponing and co-marketing initiatives.

€2500 Amazon Gift Card for the team and €1500 Frecciarossa Discount Coupon.

Mobility – challenge proposed by Agenzia per la mobilità di Roma Capitale

You have to develop an App to ease the tourism experience for non-local people. The app shall include a navigator, updated points of interests. The provided data should be dynamically updated through Wi-Fi according to data captured by sensors.

2500€ Amazon Gift Card for the winning team and 5 free subscription tickets in Car Sharing + €100 per team member to be spent in Car Sharing.

Open Data – challenge proposed by AgID

You have to envision and develop new solutions to improve the relationship between Public Adminstration, citizens and businesses by exploiting the power of open data. A few examples:

-viewing data important for the public interest in real-time;
-a new common standard for open data;
-making open data truly accessible to everyone;
-improving public services and building new commercial applications out ot open data;

3000€ Amazon Gift Card for the winning team; AgID would eventually fund the development of the application with €7,000.

More info are accessible at the dedicated web page.

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