The board can be connected to a PC with a MicroUSB port. It can be used in OTG mode and in HOST mode.

PC Connection Interface

If you connect UDOO Neo to your PC, you can:

  • access to a mass storage
  • create a network interface between PC and UDOO Neo
  • create a serial connection

g_multi (Multifunction Composite Gadget)

To implements these features we use a kernel module called g_multi.

This module include other usefull sub-modules:

  • usb_f_rndis
  • usb_f_acm
  • usb_f_mass_storage

Network interface

UDOO Neo inetwork interface name: usb0 UDOO Neo IPv4 address:

Serial port

From UDOO Neo you can see your PC as: /dev/ttyGS0 From your Linux PC you can see UDDO Neo serial connection as: /dev/ttyACM0 If you are using Windows the OS assign a COMxx name

Mass storage

The accessible mass storage is a FAT partition called "boot" where is possible to find:

  • documentation sources
  • uEnv file
  • kernel binary
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