ServoCardboard UDOO, by harlem88_gis aka Antonio Gisondi

Move servo cam on UDOO with Google Cardboard.

Linux Driver 3 Interfaces, by tcmichals aka Tim Michals

Linux‬ driver that exposes 3 interfaces to user space. Allows user space apps to use epoll for async type of applications.

Wifi STA mode, by tcmichals aka Tim Michals

UDOONEOREST, by marksull aka Mark Sullivan

Rest API for interacting with UDOO Neo GPIOs, motion sensors and brick sensors.

Node JS module for Barometric Sensor by fabdrol aka Fabian Tollenaar

Node.js module for retrieving data from the barometer brick for the UDOO Neo. Gets atmospheric pressure in pascals, temperature in kelvin and altitude in meters.

A program to upload Arduino sketches via UDOOFOTA by klakier2121

UDOO NEO and openocd working, by Tim Michals

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