UDOO Library 2.0, by David Smerkous

A library that makes the Linux side act like a shield to the Arduino side (TCP, UDP Server/Client and Storage, Usb and soon to come audio).

Python Library, by David Smerkous

A Python library to control the Gpios, Accel, Gyro, Temp, Baro, Magno sensors/pins easily.

MAGUM, by Francesco Guerri, Orla3 and Umberto Cucini

Magum, that stands for Magnetometer, Accelerometer and Gyroscope UDOO Management, is a Python library that allows you to completely manage all three senors built in UDOO Neo.

MAGUM has been tested on UDOO Neo rev. D, with UDOObuntu RC1 version. With MAGUM you can:

  • get data from all registers and write on them too
  • monitor in real time the values obtained by the sensors
  • using algorithms that use both accelerometer and gyroscope to detect orientation, and magnetometer to measure magnetic fields
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