UDOO Case Collection

Hi UDOOers,
these days it happens that surfing the Net (especially Facebook and YouTube) we’ve found a bunch¬†of UDOO cases, as if they were popping out of nowhere. So you know, we are quite certain most of you are hiding their precious cases like the One Ring – but we are curious, damned curious :) And for sure, users are curious too, just considering the quantity of people looking for a case. The meaning of this post, thus, is to push you to unveil your fabulous creations, we feel like showcasing them in the homemade collage below – can you guess where the photos come from? Some of them sink in the unconscious of the garage and DIY works, some are really cute instead, like the one quoting the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, but apart from the DIY taste, they are wonderful. And after all, we all love DIY, don’t we?

P.S. Of course you’re looking for the links where you can buy the cases, so here’s a non-exhaustive list. Some are printable too. Enjoy!

“Blackbox” UDOO CASE
naive taste is always good , and you can even ask John Biggs from TechCrunch to print it for you if you don’t own a 3d printer
Customizable UDOO Case
UDOO enclosure made in birch plywood
UDOO All-in-one-case
transparent cover-enclosure for UDOO on Amazon
one UDOO Case you have probably seen in the forum
Some funky LEGO experiments regarding UDOO

The strangest ones:

Wall-mount UDOO Case

We would like also to say thanks to Raffaele Catuogno, who’s currently experimenting on plastic UDOO cases after several attempts with LEGOs, Jurij Andropov, David Bates and Karl Rossmann: all of them shared photos of weird cases, and we [...]

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UDOO CASE by fmc159 for sale!

Hi Everybody, our great community member Fergus (fmc159) created the first UDOO CASE available to purchase.