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New Resources for UDOO X86

Friends and fellow makers, here you can find resources for UDOO X86. Happy tinkering with the board 🙂 Cheers   Schematics http://udoo.org/download/files/UDOO_X86/schematics/UDOOX86_revH_schematics.pdf Top http://udoo.org/download/files/UDOO_X86/schematics/UDOOX86_revH_top_P0B02H10.pdf Bottom http://udoo.org/download/files/UDOO_X86/schematics/UDOOX86_revH_bottom_P0B02H20.pdf Mechanical_specs 3D files http://udoo.org/download/files/mechanical_specs/udoo_x86_3d_model_revH.zip Datasheet https://www.udoo.org/download/files/datasheets/udoo_x86_datasheet.pdf UDOO X86 Hardware and UEFI BIOS User Manual http://download.udoo.org/files/UDOO_X86/Doc/UDOO_X86_MANUAL_Rel.1.0.pdf UEFI BIOS Update Utility http://download.udoo.org/files/UDOO_X86/UEFI_update/UDOOX86_B02-UEFI_Update_rel102.zip The package contains: Latest UEFI Firmware binary Firmware name: […]

First LTSP distro for UDOO shown at Open Source Day 2014

The first LTSP distro for UDOO has been shown this Saturday at Open Source Day 2014 – where were you? Well, you should have been there with us, we told you. But you chose not to come, and now you are wondering, how is it possible on earth that I miss a single UDOO event […]

Open Source Day 2014: what will UDOO?

The Open Source 2014 is coming to Udine: what will UDOO? Something’s happening indeed in the Open Source World: tomorrow, November 29th, we’ll be at the Open Source Day 2014, in the wonderful city of Udine. The informatic association AsCI with IGLU, the Linux Group Udine in collaboration with DiTeDi (District of Digital Technologies) and […]