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A Super Mini ITX Build – UDOO BOLT + RTX 2080 Ti

Ciao UDOOers,  and welcome to a new video! this time the youngest member of the team, Tommaso (just call him Kevin) is going to show you how to build a mini super gaming pc with UDOO BOLT, capable of playing recent top games at great resolution. The link to the complete version of the tutorial […]

Stranger talks: Krysztof

Ciao UDOOers! Christmas is coming, and we feel the holiday spirit all around us. We’re ready to spend the holidays with our friends and family, nerding our heart time and playing with our BOLTs. But we haven’t forgotten our beloved X86. In today’s interview you’ll meet Krzysztof, a fellow UDOOer that buit a case for […]

Stranger Talks: Enrico

Ciao UDOOers, welcome to another Strager talk. This time we have a fellow Italian answering our questions. It’s Enrico Reticcioli, a UDOOer that posted an interesting project on our Facebook page. Get t know him and his project better! First, the basics. Who are you? I’m Enrico Reticcioli, from L’Aquila, In Italy. I have a […]