September 15, 2017

Make your own Home Theater PC Ambient Light system with UDOO X86 and Kodi

Fellas, great news for the TV Series/Movies lovers. Starting today you can enhance your TV experience with a great Ambient Light System by UDOO X86. The […]
November 4, 2015
openELEC 6.0 for UDOO

OpenELEC 6.0. for UDOO Dual / Quad

Hey guys, flash news: OpenELEC 6.0.0. for UDOO Dual / Quad is finally available thanks to the relentless, creative vpeter! Please, leave a message on his […]
April 27, 2015

Kodi Helix available for UDOO Quad

Hi UDOOers, while our UDOO Neo Campaign is running amazingly great on Kickstarter (here the KS page btw: http://bit.ly/UDOONEO), UDOO is doing great as well: vpeter, […]