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UDOObuntu 2 RC1 for UDOO QUAD/DUAL: here it is

Hi guys, it’s true: UDOObuntu 2 RC1 for UDOO Quad is here. After the launch of UDOO NEO we focused on its support as you know, but time is to improve UDOObuntu 2 also for UDOO QUAD/DUAL and make it up to date with UDOO NEO. What’s new one BSP for both UDOO QUAD and […]

UDOO Neo Shipping Timeline

Dear backers, we are here to tell you that we are going to ship UDOO Neo to Kickstarter backers by the end of October. Actually we ended the production of the first batch these days and tested the boards. We are also continuing the production. We would be ready to start shipping the first batch […]

UDOObuntu 2 BETA 2 for UDOO Dual: enjoy!

Dear UDOOers, we’re glad to announce that UDOObuntu 2 BETA 2 for UDOO Dual is a reality. Moreover, UDOObuntu 2 BETA 2 Minimal Edition for UDOO Quad and for UDOO Dual are both available too. For what concerns the fixed bugs and the new features we send you back to the yesterday’s post. We’d like […]

UDOObuntu 2 Beta 2 is here!

Dear UDOOers, we’re happy to share with you UDOObuntu 2 BETA 2 for UDOO Quad. We’d like to highlight this is a BETA release and, as every BETA, still presents some bugs. Changes Purpose of this release is to support official and third-party accessories and present new interesting features to exploit your amazing board. So, […]

UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO Neo: we got it!

Dear folks, after UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO Quad and for UDOO Dual, here we are to show you UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO Neo. (/^▽^)/ What follows is a demo showing the graphic accelerated GPU and the latest Arduino IDE working fine: Highlights -GPU accelerated Kernel 3.14.28, from Freescale! -Arduino IDE 1.6.5-r3, the latest one from […]

UDOObuntu 2 available for UDOO Dual too

Hi folks, just to show you our commitment, here’s UDOObuntu 2 for the Dual and here’s UDOObuntu 2 for the Dual, Minimal Edition – since we won’t stop the support for any board. Actually we haven’t tested the OS yet on the Dual because we were eager to share. And since we are a Community, […]

The powerful UDOObuntu 2 Beta is now available

Ok folks, it’s been a while, but we worked hard and got a brand new OS off-the-shelf: it’s UDOObuntu 2!!! Based on Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 LTS, it comes with the latest security updates since it’s supported for the next three years! Cool Features GPU accelerated Kernel 3.14.28, from Freescale! apt-get update and apt-get upgrade work […]

[Update] Ubuntu 12.04 LTS v2.1

Folks, we recently updated the Linaro Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. In this version (2.1), the Camera and Displays (7″ & 15″) have been fixed for both UDOO Dual and Quad while the stability for the WXGA (15″) has been improved.

Arduino IDE HFP for UDOO

As some of you may have noticed, we’re releasing Hard Float flavours: Debian Wheezy, Ubuntu Studio, Ubuntu 12.04 (coming soon). In all of them the Arduino IDE doesn’t work so we released the HFP version that works with all of these distros.