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OpenCV Face-Tracking Video-tutorial

Hi guys, you remember the Face Tracking – Face Recognition Tutorial via OpenCV and UDOO, do you? A couple of weeks ago more or less we released a text-tutorial on this matter and we received lots of mail about it. Thus, we thought it’s time to release also a video-tutorial, to be clearer, and our […]

You are the Wizard of Oz

(speaking about #UDOOHacKThings, #MakerFaireRome, #RIOT, #Community) I guess u are still having a #MakerFaireRome hangover, all the veins crammed of electronic blood and the cyberpunk stuff roaming on the floor of #MFR14 still creeping among your synapses – we 2. U can’t even imagine the faces of boyz and girls (and grannies 2), the eyes […]