Category: Projects

Geodata Analysis with UDOO

Hi UDOOers, here is a cute project recently added to the UDOO collection on by Ole Wolf. Geophone is an amplifier and a frequency analyzer for geometric sensors such as the SM-24 geophone element from ION Geophysical Corp. Every second the logger reports frequency components from 0 to 256 Hz and their measured amplitudes […]

Ort-o-matic – #botanic

Hi UDOOers, here we are to showcase a new UDOO project by Francesco Montefoschi, a student of engineering of Siena. You have to know that in the Botanical Garden of Siena there are labs working on research of plant species. The idea is born in this context, with the scope to evaluate the level of […]

UDOO Gesture Control

Hi UDOOers, have you ever dreamed to add gesture control capabilities like Tom Cruise does with his “PC” in Minority Report? You’re not alone! That’s why we are showcasing a nice project by Dong Zhang. We had the pleasure to know him at the Department of Engineering of the University of Siena as a keen […]

UDOO open-source smart lamp controlled with Fizzly

Hi maker bros! Today for lunch there are not one, but two projects! Guess your house is crammed of old abajours and every time you turn on the light a terrible shiver of XIX century runs down your spine. But what about making a smart lamp you can totally control in a swipe from your […]